Travel - OTA Traffic Analysis

Sample research from April 09, 2018 report

In our recent Travel report, we partnered with SimilarWeb to quantify the current state of traffic generation efforts across the major Travel players. Our analysis incorporated both SimilarWeb’s Travel industry web traffic data on BKNG, EXPE, TRIP and TRVG, as well as meta and GOOG search ad appearance data from our core datasets. To learn more about YipitData's travel research and to see the full report, please contact

Our report included data on...

OTA traffic sources — Our analysis of SimilarWeb's traffic data showed the OTA mix across various traffic channels, including those biased towards paid search, referral and organic search. Beyond topline share, we also paired our SEM and metasearch exposure with SimilarWeb's traffic information to estimate the click-through impact of various ad placements.

Sample chart from report

U.S. traffic conversion — We examined SimilarWeb's conversion rates by various traffic sources, helping to quantify which OTAs have conversion lead, as well as showing how certain traffic sources have seen significant conversion degradation over the past few quarters. Combined with our core data on Google metasearch, which includes ad exposure, advertised prices, and placement location by brand across a broad set of Travel-related searches, we help frame the risk the two major OTAs face from GOOG's efforts to grow its own meta platform.

Sample chart from report

Metasearch trends: Our core Travel Search data provides investors with data on OTA and hotel brand exposure to metasearch partners, with read-across for revenue per shopper / referral trends. In our partnership, we added SimlarWeb's traffic and redirect analysis to our core data. This quantified metasearch traffic trends, as well as recent meta turnaround efforts such as the early effects of TRVG's revamped attribution model.

Sample chart from report

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